About your hosts

Paul trained with the old masters in Buenos Aires, winning and retaining the World Cup, European Championships and World Championships for four consecutive years, before retiring as undefeated World Supreme Tango Champion. Paul has danced exhibitions, lectured and taught all over the world and regularly hosts Tango holidays to Buenos Aires and the London International Tango Festival.

Tel. 07960 736925
or email info@essextango.co.uk
for personal lessons with Paul.

Laura is a beautifully elegant dancer. Her approach to teaching is gentle, patient and supportive as she builds understanding, nurtures confidence and encourages newcomers to Tango. Laura's strengths create an easy rapport with first-time dancers and recent beginners, yet her experience is brought to bear with excellent styling for more advanced dancers as they develop and hone their enjoyment.

About Tango

Following a resurgence of interest in the closing years of the twentieth century, Tango has become one of the world's most exciting and popular dances. New composers and musical styles have attracted and inspired new dancers to revitalise Tango, enriching its classic and much loved Argentinean themes. Short sets or tandas ensure that the music programme is varied and it's normal to enjoy dancing each tanda with different partners, making Tango a seriously fun and friendly social experience.